Beer filtration barrels

Material:304 ,316 ,304L,316L stainless steel wire mesh
Filtering Rate : 300 micron,400 micron
Shape: Cylindrical
Common Sizes:6" x 10" /6" x 11" /6" x 12"/ 6" x 14"/ 6" x 16"/ 6" x 19" etc
Sample:6”*14” is available, special sizes can be customized.
Weave :Plain weave, Twill weave
These stainless steel brewing filters are perfect for containing hops while brewing beer! Known as a hop spider, 
hops filter, beer wort cup, wort scoop cup, hop basket, or just plain beer brewing filter, they sit inside a brewing
kettle and keeps the hops contained during the brewing process.
They are great for keeping the hop gunk from building up on the bottom of your kettle and also help to keep your 
plate chiller from plugging up.

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