Black steel/iron wire

Black steel/iron wire is divided into 2 major categories, hard drawn  & soft annealed wire.
The hard drawn wire is the suitable material of iron nail, craftworks, the annealed wire is commonly used in tying, binding works, and is required to be cut into a coil, straight, and U shape in various purposes.
Black annealed wire looks have the lowest barrier to fabricate, but to make it high quality require much tougher criteria for annealing temperature control.
The purposes of annealing are to intensify wire’s performance by eliminating work hardening, raise rolling cablire thus to improve microstructure & properties. Annealing is a key process composed of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling.
Our annealed wire uses superior Q195 row steel rod that was through prestress annealing process, it is burned & evaporated rolling oil on the surface of the rod to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene before fine draw process.
Our tabilization annealing solved strain stress + low-temperature recovery to precipitate / spheroidize the microstructures of a workpiece. The overall fabrication line is designed suitable for large quantity, stable mechanical properties in low-temperature heat treatment wire. After stabilization, the stress value is slightly reduced and the plasticity is improved.